Let’s throw a wrench in it!

Day three and Mandog is much more relaxed for the most part. Doesn’t care at all about my departure cues. I haven’t left him today (thanks to almost 300 emails calling my name) but have given him some great exercise as well as some training (head halter training for fun) so he’ll be tired out tonight.

Around 4pm he came to me with a glassy-eyed look, panting, then went to the front door and rang the bell. I packed us up and we took off outside. Poor Mandog has diarrhea. Normally this isn’t a big deal except he has a long history of Colitis and it happens in the snap of a finger for him, especially with the stress of a move. It’s not surprising…in fact I was expecting it sooner.

Not only this, but the poor guy had a big walk this morning (bad Mama!) because he was feeling energetic and now he’s having a rough time walking. Missing his back right leg for the last 10.5 years is catching up to him and he’s starting to slow down and really have a rough time. I’ll be measuring him and ordering him a wheelchair this week so that he can take walks and enjoy life a little more.

Last month, he had a vestibular attack that almost made his Mama lose her mind with worry but has recovered to about 95%. That’s the best we’ll do. It’s been a difficult couple of months especially with all the snow and ice and cold weather…so I’m sure as we get closer to spring he’ll feel more like himself again.

So tonight I go to class, anxiously Skype-ing him before, between, and after. I’ve also made an area for newspapering in case he has a moment of panic “down there”…

One step forward, two steps back. Nothing we can’t handle. We just take it a day at a time and don’t lose sight of the goal and¬†definitely¬†don’t lose sight of the progress. This Mandog is worth all the work put into him, tenfold. I am the luckiest Mama.